What are the precautions for wearing dentures?

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Most of the elderly will experience more or less tooth loss after entering old age. The few may have one or two more teeth may be full of teeth. In this way, they may need to wear dentures to assist their diet. When wearing dentures, you should pay attention to some contraindications, so what problems should you pay attention to when wearing dentures?

What are the precautions for wearing dentures? 5 dos and don'ts for wearing dentures:

1. If discomfort is found, adjust in time

When you first wear dentures, you may experience periodontal sensitivity or increased oral secretions. Basically, this is a normal phenomenon. Don’t worry too much. Just pay attention to once you find that the periodontal problem does not improve. If the dentures show signs of tenderness, they should be adjusted in time to avoid affecting oral health.

2. Pay attention to daily persistence

When wearing dentures, you must pay attention to wearing them every day. Remember not to take them off at will or not wear them at all because of short-term discomfort. This will not only affect normal eating, but also cause deformation of the dentures. , Serious cases may require re-customized dentures.

3. Pay attention to regular cleaning

Dentures, like normal teeth, may have bacteria or food residues, so they need to be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method is very simple. The main method is to use a toothbrush to rinse the dentures, especially the parts that are in contact with the real teeth must be cleaned , to avoid dental caries problems.

4. Pay attention to diet

At the beginning of wearing dentures, you must pay attention to soft or liquid foods as much as possible. Remember not to eat some nuts or chicken or beef that need to be chewed or bitten hard at the beginning, so as not to damage the dentures.

5. Soak in cold water

Friends who wear dentures should pay attention to soaking the dentures in water when they are not wearing dentures at night. Do not put the dentures aside at will, so as to avoid the problem of cracking of the dentures in a dry environment. Soak in salt water or vinegar water, ordinary cool boiled water or cold water will do.

In most cases, the main purpose of wearing dentures is to assist diet. In order to achieve this purpose, you must pay attention to the above precautions during wearing, so that the effect of dentures can be better exerted. In addition, friends who wear dentures It should be noted that once you find any inflammation or tenderness in the mouth, you must seek medical treatment in time for adjustment.

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