The principle of cryolipolysis

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Cryolipolysis, is to place a cryolipolysis instrument on the surface of human skin to cool the subcutaneous tissue to 5°C. Fat cells age prematurely and die one after another, and are excreted through metabolism to achieve weight loss. Effect. The innovative machine used in weight loss surgery from the United States is called "Zeltiq", developed by researchers from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, and introduced to the Chinese market by PRT in 2012. It has passed the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE (European Safety Certification Mark) certifications. 

It is a new weight loss technology that has been widely used clinically in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.Freezing fat-melting uses triglycerides in human body fat to be converted into solids at a low temperature of 5°C, and the freezing energy precisely controlled by a non-invasive freezing energy extraction device is delivered to the designated fat-melting site, and the designated site is eliminated in a targeted manner After the fat cells in the designated part are cooled to a specific low temperature, the triglycerides are transformed from liquid to solid, and die after crystallization and aging. They are excreted through metabolism, and the fat in the body is gradually reduced, so as to achieve local fat-melting body sculpting. Effect.

First, delineate the area that needs fat melting on the abdomen or waist, attach the cryolipolysis instrument to the skin surface, and cool the subcutaneous tissue to 5°C. After one hour, the fat tissue is destroyed, and the main component of fat cells is triglyceride. Ester will age prematurely, and fat cells will die one after another. After two or three months, the necrotic fat cells will be excreted with the body's metabolism, achieving the effect of body sculpting.

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