What are sound-absorbing materials?

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What are sound-absorbing materials?

Sound-absorbing material is a new type of environmentally friendly material. Its biggest role is to fight against noise interference and create a quiet environment for people. This is what modern people need very much. Therefore, sound-absorbing materials are deeply loved by people. I believe its development And the application space will be very large. Today, the editor will introduce the application of sound-absorbing materials for you.

What are sound-absorbing materials?

In order to achieve the purpose of sound absorption, there are many small holes on the surface of the sound-absorbing material, and there are also a large number of bubble fillers and metal microbeads inside the material. It is with the help of them that the sound-absorbing material can really absorb noise. Among them, the porous surface The material mainly absorbs medium and high frequency sound waves. This kind of material generally uses fiber and foam products. In the selection of raw materials, in addition to good sound absorption effect, it must also have the characteristics of fire prevention, moisture resistance, firmness, and lightness.

Application of sound-absorbing materials

Sound-absorbing decorative art board, its raw material is 100% polyester fiber. There are many colors and styles of this art board, and there are many choices. This material is currently mainly used in the fields of architectural decoration and acoustic engineering.

Sound-absorbing cotton, the original attractive materials on the market are mostly glass fibers and sponges, but these materials are relatively harmful. In order to replace them, people research and produce sound-absorbing cotton. Sound-absorbing cotton is environmentally friendly and completely harmful to the human body. It is harmless and can be in direct contact with the human body, and its fire performance is also very good, making it safer to use.

Sound-absorbing sponge, the structure of sound-absorbing sponge is very similar to ordinary sponge, but the environmental protection, attractiveness, fire resistance and heat preservation of sound-absorbing sponge are far better than ordinary sponge, and it is widely used, mainly in ceiling decoration, wall decoration, and also There are laboratory applications, this material is easy to fade, dust, and the price is relatively high, these are its disadvantages.

Aramid sound-absorbing material, this material is specially developed for the military industry, so it has many advantages, such as high strength, high temperature resistance, fire prevention and electricity protection, radiation resistance, stable performance, good sound absorption effect, etc. , especially in the absorption of low-frequency sound waves. In addition, the environmental performance of the material is also excellent, zero pollution, and can be in direct contact with the human body.

PET fiber cotton, this material has good thermal insulation performance, light weight, non-toxic and harmless, and meets international fire protection requirements. At present, it is mainly used in industrial equipment, transportation equipment, home appliance manufacturing, interior decoration and thermal insulation of buildings.

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