Why don not disposable paper cups get wet

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Disposable paper cups are a kind of catering supplies commonly used in our daily life. It is characterized by lightness, convenience and hygiene, and is suitable for use in fast food restaurants, beverage stores, schools and other places. However, some people will find that disposable paper cups are often not soaked when they are used. Why is this? Let's find out why.

Disposable paper cups are added with a waterproof treatment agent during the production process. This treatment agent is usually a coating of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE), which can form a waterproof film on the surface of the paper cup to prevent moisture from seeping through. to the inside of the paper cup.

At the same time, in the production process of paper cups, there will be multiple processes of processing, including stamping, printing, filming, etc. These processes can increase the density and tightness of the surface and enhance the waterproof performance of paper cups.

In addition, the design structure of disposable paper cups is also a factor that cannot be ignored. The bottom of the paper cup is usually designed with a circular convex structure, which can make the contact area between the bottom of the paper cup and the desktop smaller, reduce the chance of the paper cup contacting moisture, and thus improve its waterproof performance.

Generally speaking, disposable paper cups will not be soaked, mainly due to the optimization of its waterproof treatment agent, processing and design structure. However, we should also note that disposable paper cups are only a convenient and hygienic temporary catering product, and should not be overly relied on. We should gradually transform to reusable and recyclable environmentally friendly tableware, and contribute our part to the protection of the environment. power.

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