Electromagnetic Valves

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1.The Aokai® Electromagnetic Valves Introduction

Ambient temprature: -10 degree to +120 degree

Spirit seal completely the sex: The barometric 15 kPa leaks the deal<3ml/h;

30000 times and life test without absorption performance change after.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of the Electromagnetic Valves

Electromagnetic valve RDQP9.0-C

Technology data

Opening current ≤70mA-180mA also can according to request of customers

Closing current ≥ 15mA-60mA also can according to request of customers

Inner resistance(20°C) 20mΩ±10%

Spring pressure 2.6N±10%

Ambient temprature -10°C - 80°C

3. Product Qualification of the Electromagnetic Valves

Company with ISO9001:2008, CE,CSA certification

All material with ROHS and Reach standard

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