Electronic Substrate

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The Torbo® Electronic Substrate made by China factory is used in electronics fields such as power semiconductor modules, inverters and converters, replacing other insulating materials to increase production output and reduce size and weight. Their extremely high strength also makes them a key material that increases the life and reliability of the products they are used in.

The Torbo® Electronic Substrate

Item:Silicon nitride substrate




Surface processing:Double polished

Bulk density: 3.24g/㎤

Surface roughness Ra: 0.4μm

Bending strength: (3-point method):600-1000Mpa

Modulus of elasticity:310Gpa

Fracture toughness(IF method):6.5 MPa・√m

Thermal conductivity: 25°C 15-85 W/(m・K)

Dielectric loss factor:0.4

Volume resistivity: 25°C >1014 Ω・㎝

Breakdown strength:DC >15㎸/㎜

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